[Hpn] Texas Taser Death

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Wed, 15 Jun 2005 22:59:11 -0400 (EDT)

sounds like he was beatin his sister, was he homeless and she wouldn't
let him in ? this is not a forum on police stupidity, domestic violence
or the effect of tasers on fat people.
why is my affordable housing advocate not performing his function ?

On 6/15/2005, "William Charles Tinker" <wtinker@metrocast.net> wrote:

>Waco man dies after confrontation with police
>WACO, Texas —
>A Waco man has died after being shot several times with a Taser by police
>during a domestic disturbance call.
>Robert Earl Williams, 62, was shot about four times with a Taser on Tuesday,
>and five officers were needed to handcuff him after a confrontation at his
>sister's home, police said. Williams was later pronounced dead at a Waco
>According to Waco police spokesman Steve Anderson, two police officers were
>called to the home of Williams' sister after receiving a report of a
>domestic disturbance between Williams and his sister.
>After officers arrived, a records check showed Williams was wanted because
>his bond on a previous resisting arrest charge had been revoked. As officers
>went to arrest Williams, he picked up a piece of ribbed steel bar, police
>Anderson said officers then shot him once with a Taser, a pistol-shaped
>device that shoots two electrified barbs and usually renders targets
>The officers called for backup, and three other officers arrived and
>struggled with Williams.
>He was shot with Tasers about four times, none of which had any effect,
>according to Waco police spokesman Ryan Holt.
>"There was no sign that he was slowing down," he said. "He just kept
>fighting officers and kept fighting officers."
>The five officers managed to handcuff Williams and subdue him, Holt said.
>Eventually, there were 17 officers on the scene.
>Williams' size — about 6-foot and 350 pounds — may have played a role in the
>struggle because Tasers often are ineffective on large people, Anderson
>said. Officers used two sets of handcuffs linked together on Williams
>because of his size, Anderson said.
>Holt said Williams complained he was having trouble breathing after sitting
>down. Officers immediately called for an ambulance. By the time the
>ambulance arrived, Williams was not breathing, and officers were performing
>CPR on him, Holt said.
>Anderson said the five officers who arrested Williams have been placed on
>paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation.
>Williams' cause of death was unknown, and his body has been sent to Dallas
>for an autopsy.
>Information from Waco Tribune-Herald,  www.wacotrib.com
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