[Hpn] Re: 65 e-mails resent to HPN by Mr Owaynat

William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
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Thank you very much.

In The Struggle


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Oh, yes. The admin person has been out of town but he wrote me on
Friday. He may have to change the password, but we will get owaynot


On 6/12/05, William Charles Tinker <wtinker@metrocast.net> wrote:
> Hi Sandra Andrews,and Tom Boland -
> I think it is fair to assume that Mustafah Owaynat  has to be unsubscribed
> by you as he does not know how to unsubscribe and is sending SPAM to the
> whole list.
> Thank you for your help in removing him from the HPN list as he has
> requested to be removed for  a few months now.
> A Brother In The Struggle
> Bill
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