[Hpn] Terrorists Killed 3000 since 1990, Abortions kill 4000 Americans since yesterday

Wes Browning wes@speakeasy.org
Mon, 6 Jun 2005 09:39:36 -0700 (PDT)

I disagree with the message too, but my disagreeing with it doesn't
make it off-topic. It's actually important to know that a lot of
people in the homeless community share these sorts of views. How can
you argue with someone if you tell him to shut up every time he says
something you disagree with?

William, it's all about when life begins. there are even people who
think that since sperms and eggs are alive and could become people,
that all unused eggs and spilled sperm amount to so many dead people.
It's one of the Catholic Church's justifications behind forbidding the
use of condoms. If you went that far you'd have to consider yourself
guilty of wasting billions of human lives every time you had a
nocturnal emission. I don't accept that, nor do I accept that a three
month embryo is a human being. But hey, what would I know about it?
I've only been listening to the arguments on both sides for
thirty-two years. I would appreciate hearing something new. I'm not
going to be swayed by any of the old rants. -- wes

On Mon, 6 Jun 2005, unclescam wrote:

> this is the off topic shit that fools are going to perpetrate.
> wes you gave this idiot the impetus to put this up. let me be the
> one to say bill you're an idiot. fact, not opinion.
> On 6/5/2005, "William Charles Tinker" <wtinker@metrocast.net> wrote:
> >

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