[Hpn] What's On-Topic for HPN

Wes Browning wes@speakeasy.org
Sat, 4 Jun 2005 08:50:14 -0700 (PDT)

"Feel free to write on those topics, or any others you choose."
-- Tom Boland, Our Founder

Since the subject of "off-topic" posts has been broached again, I
think we could benefit from seeing the words of our beloved founder
Tom Boland again. He wrote the following for the old hpn web-site as
part of an introduction to this list. Note especially his last words,
which I also quoted above for emphasis and for the patience-impaired.
-- wes

*start quote*

HPN will not censor posts. Still, I encourage members to:
1) address how to end homelessness,
2) treat facts and theories fairly, (and)
3) write in a tone of personal respect.


Once you join, consider posting HPN an Introduction about yourself and
the groups and projects which draw your commitment. We've also been
talking about:

news and views
reviews of policies, projects and resources
criminalization of poverty,
how to prevent and end homelessness,
problems and prospects for homeless-run groups,
"systemic" vs. "personal deficit" models of homelessness,
voting vs. direct action,
homeless economic development,
innovative housing,
writing an organizers' manual for homeless-led groups (and)
aims for HPN.

Feel free to write on those topics, or any others you choose.
*end quote*