[Hpn] Time To Help The Homeless

William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Wed, 27 Jul 2005 04:50:13 -0400

A few years ago in 2002, we did a N.H. Homeless Tour, and we issued a public
challenge and requested any of our 424 legislators to give up their beds,
air-conditioning and go out with me or others around the state and meet
homeless in their encampments.

Out of this challenge, only one legislator, Rep. Kim Dionne, went out with
me and met the homeless and interviewed them without a filming crew or
police following us around. Since that time, study committees - composed of
homeless and legislators - have been suggested. Keeping existing campgrounds
open year-round for poor and homeless assistance has also been suggested,
since this Republicrat government has seen it fit to ignore the housing
problems we have yelled about for 10 years or better.

We now are violating state and federal constitutional rights under Olmstead
of elderly by incarcerating them in nursing homes rather than their own
homes; we violate disabled rights to accessibility under the Americans with
Disabilities Act, and no one in the attorney generalís office even blinks.

And we are still short 20,000 - 25,000 units of all types of housing in New
Hampshire, and still lawmakers refuse to put a rental-cap legislation in the
books because it might harm their careers. Also one decent law has not been
passed concerning hate crimes, against homeless perpetuated by
over-ambitious police or towns as NIMBY-istic laws and snob zoning are
passed that criminalizes persons who are homeless.

We best start aiding our citizens and watching out for each other because if
we as a state or nation can not take care of our most vulnerable citizens in
our own country, we best stay out of the affairs of other countries before
we find ourselves paying for every bomb dropped on the 27 other countries by
the United States since 1945.

So again my challenge goes out to any N.H. legislator to pass an adverse
possession, or "squatters law," which would not punish someone for
attempting to survive by taking over abandoned housing. Or at least passing
a year-round camping law that will help the thousands of homeless in our
state, until affordable housing is built and rental caps are placed on
landlords as rent prices are out of control in New Hampshire.

William Charles Tinker
Founder, New Hampshire Homeless
Northfield,N.H. 03276-1640