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Wed, 20 Jul 2005 07:46:20 -0400

I feel I must speak out on this as 9 out of 11 of these persons that died in
Arizona were homeless,and 2 were elderly
if we do not assist or help our most vulnerable in times of distress or need
we as a state and  nation have failed.

We must educate all the public that homeless persons are human, and  the
only differences is that homed persons have keys to a house.

But remember that in as little as 3 short months without pay,divorce,illness
or less any one could be homeless and I am certain that this woman writing
this would be first one requesting assistance from general assistance ?

In The Struggle
William Charles Tinker

Homeless are not without resources

Jul. 20, 2005

With all due respect to Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, I will not be donating
any bottled water to be distributed to the homeless ("Outreach teams rush
ice, water to shelters, homeless on streets," Republic, Tuesday).

When my family braves the heat, we take with us bottles or hydration
backpacks filled with tap water from our house. And when that runs out, we
refill our containers from those wonderfully modern contraptions known as
drinking fountains.

Are there no drinking fountains in the parks where the homeless people
mentioned in the article spend the day? Are those people not aware that it
is free to enter any shopping mall or public library and sit in
air-conditioned comfort, while also accessing their drinking fountains? Have
they not heard of the many churches and shelters that wish to help them?

Would it be too judgmental of me to suggest that if they pursued jobs and/or
job training, they could kill two birds with one stone: getting into
air-conditioned workplaces while also getting out of homelessness?

Of course it is a tragedy when any human being dies unnecessarily.

But when the helper cares more and works harder than the helpee, the effort
is destined to fail. -

Jennifer S.C. Moeller
Mesa Arizona

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