[Hpn] Beaten Homeless Man Files Law Suit Against His Attackers

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Sat, 16 Jul 2005 06:19:05 -0400


Sat, July 16, 2005

Beaten homeless man files suit


CALGARY -- A homeless man who endured a senseless beating by several
thrill-seekers has filed a civil suit against his attackers.

Kelly Littlelight, in a suit filed in Court of Queen's Bench July 4, said he
is seeking about $225,000 in damages against five defendants.

The defendants listed are Andrew Earl Hilderman, Matthew Glen Newman, Andrew
Stephen Bablitz and two young offenders who cannot be named.

Alberta's top court in May upheld six-month jail terms handed to Newman and
Hilderman, who videotaped the beating of Littlelight.

Bablitz was given an 18-month conditional sentence after being credited with
six months for conditions he was under while on bail.

The statement of claim filed on Littlelight's behalf by Ouellette Rice
Barristers & Solicitors said the defendants were "prowling the downtown
looking for a homeless person to beat up" when they came across an
intoxicated Littlelight, who was asleep in a back alley.

"The defendants began kicking Littlelight on his legs and torso, thereby
committing an assault and battery," the claim states.

The claim said one of the defendants caused a gash on Littlelight's head
when they threw a beer bottle at him and that the assault continued with the
man being struck with a baton.

"Newman recorded Hilderman urinating on Littlelight's head with a video
camera, and then Littlelight was struck again with a baton and kicked in the
head," states the claim.

"The defendants left and Littlelight staggered from the alley to get help."

The statement claims Littlelight sustained personal injuries in the attack,
including a six-centimetre cut to the top of his head and multiple bruises,
and calls the defendants' behaviour "wanton and malicious."

The case, after the courts released copies of portions of the video, left
many Calgarians outraged at the attack.
A statement of defence has not yet been filed. Littlelight's lawyers were
not available for comment.

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