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July 13, 2005


Homeless Man Dies While Saving Woman

Jasen K Lee - All Headline News Staff Reporter

Miami, FL (AHN) Ė

Miami police are investigating the stabbing death of a transient man who was
protecting a local female business owner from an attacker.
Authorities say 32-year old Hondruan immigrant, Kelcy Ruiz, was killed when
he confronted an intruder who was assaulting Melida Murillo at her
Relatives say Ruiz did odd jobs to make money and lived on the streets of
downtown Miami.

He was described as a crack addict, but a spokesman for the Miami Police
Department says his personal problems didnít stop him from having good
Detective Delrish Moss says, "Even though he was a forgotten member of
society, he acted better than most people who are not homeless." Ruiz's
uncle says his nephew was "a lost soul" with hopes of kicking his drug habit
and turning his life around.

Police are holding another homeless man, 43-year old Tyrone Clark, on
first-degree murder charges along with armed robbery and attempted murder.
Officials say Clark was released after being arrested on drug charges in
March because authorities did not realize he had stopped his required
monitoring as a registered sex

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