[Hpn] SFGate: SAN FRANCISCO/Homeless Connect gets new Web site

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Saturday, January 29, 2005 (SF Chronicle)
SAN FRANCISCO/Homeless Connect gets new Web site
Kevin Fagan

   The mayor's office has created a Web site giving updates and signup
information about the city's Project Homeless Connect, an outreach program
that musters hundreds of volunteers for one day each month to go into the
streets and help chronically homeless people get into housing and
counseling programs.
   The Web site is at www.projecthomelessconnect.com.
   "We want everyone to know what we're doing and how they can help," Alex
Tourk, chief of staff for Mayor Gavin Newsom, said Thursday. "If you want
to help serve food, be a driver or donate anything to the project, look on
the Web site, and we've got a (volunteer) job for you." ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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