[Hpn] Scotland Yard Plans Legal Manuver To Remove Police Station Squatters

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Mon, 17 Jan 2005 14:09:44 -0500


Mon 17, Jan 2005

Yard Moves to Evict Police Station Squatters

By PA Reporter

Scotland Yard is taking legal action to remove around a dozen squatters who
have occupied a disused police station which once held the Kray twins, it
emerged today.

The group reportedly moved into what was Arbour Square police station in
Stepney, east London, nearly a month ago.

The police station closed in 1999 and was recently sold at auction. However
contracts have yet to be exchanged with the new owners, who are expected to
convert the red brick building into luxury flats.

The squatters have reportedly hooked up lights and heaters to a mains
electricity supply.

They are said to sleep in one half of the three-storey building while
holding parties in the other.

A skull and crossbones flag has replaced the Union flag which used to fly

Police are powerless to remove the squatters by force and are now seeking a
court order to evict them.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said today: “We are taking appropriate action
through the courts to remove the squatters.”

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