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William CharlesTinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Wed, 12 Jan 2005 11:47:54 -0500

Give locally

January 11. 2005

The tsunami disaster is a terrible thing at best. Nearly 200,000 people
killed and just as many injured and left homeless. I am truly sorry.

The American government and its people once again have come to the rescue
and pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to help these poor people. We
should be proud to live in such a great country.

This is a country that sends countless millions of dollars all over the
world to countries in need, a country that has senior citizens freezing to
death in their homes without the medication they need to survive, a country
that has millions of men, women and children living homeless in the streets,
many of them veterans who fought for this great country.

Senior citizens in need and homeless people total into the millions right
here in America.
Remember the earthquake in Iran? We sent millions over there to help those
people. Do you know where the money really went? I'll tell you where it
went. Nuclear weapons. The people affected never received a dime of our
money. The government of Iran thanks you.

I would like to ask the very generous people of this country to direct their
donations to local agencies that benefit local people. The next time you see
a homeless person, don't cross the street to avoid him or her. Engage that
person in a conversation about why he or she is homeless. The results of
that conversation will probably shock you.


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