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Below are forwarded excerpts from the most recent National Alliance to
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others whom you know.

As the NAEH says within its signature: "No American should have to be homeless."

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National Alliance to End Homelessness
Online Newsletter
January 10, 2005


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Alliance Releases New Sourcebook on Family Homelessness

ELHSI Coalition Begins Work for 2005

Audio Conferences to Focus on Strategies for TANF, Homelessness and
Other Poverty Issues

Congressional Site Visits

Upcoming Events


Alliance Releases New Sourcebook on Family Homelessness

The National Alliance to End Homelessness has put together a growing
compendium of information to help communities moving forward on plans
to end family homelessness.  This new resource includes:

* An overview of the essential systems that must be in place to end
family homelessness

* A fact sheet on family homelessness

* An introduction to the Housing First Approach

* Tools to End Homelessness – how State and local TANF agencies,
public housing authorities, and child welfare agencies can contribute
to ending homelessness

* A review of research on the intersection of child welfare and homelessness

* Dennis Culhane's presentation to the National Conference on Ending
Family Homelessness

* New York City's Action Plan to End Homelessness

* A selection of best practices

* A selected bibliography on research on family homelessness

Over time, the Alliance will add further material to the sourcebook,
including information about the intersection of domestic violence and
homelessness and more detailed descriptions of how public sector
agencies have become engaged in ending homelessness in their

To view the "Sourcebook on Family Homelessness: Problems and
Solutions," visit http://www.endhomelessness.org/families/


ELHSI Coalition Begins Work for 2005

The ELHSI (Ending Long-Term Homelessness Services Initiative)
Coalition will convene via conference call on Wednesday January 12 at
2 p.m. EST to discuss goals and strategy for 2005.  The ELHSI
Coalition will be working for the implementation and funding of a new
program to provide services in supportive housing targeted to people
who have been homeless for long periods of time.  Members of the
coalition include representatives of state and local government,
housing and services providers, and local and national advocates.  For
more information about the coalition or the initiative and to
participate in the strategy call on January 12th, contact Phyllis
Gilberti at pgilberti@naeh.org


Audio Conferences to Focus on Strategies for TANF, Homelessness and
Other Poverty Issues

The 2005 Leadership to End Homelessness Audio Conference Series kicks
off this Thursday with a call focusing on how Massachusetts redirected
its Emergency Assistance resources to end reliance on costly motels
and help families move into housing more rapidly.  The featured
presenter will be Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance
Commissioner John Wagner.  He will be joined by special guest
moderator Elaine M. Ryan, Executive Director of the American Public
Human Services Association. Further details are available at

Some other useful audio conference series, which will also be kicking
off their 2005 schedules over the coming month, include:

Legal Strategies to End Homelessness Series

On Wednesday, January 19, at 3 p.m. Eastern Time, the National Law
Center on Homelessness and Poverty (NLCHP) will continue its useful
series on legal strategies with an audio training on "Helping Homeless
Workers Get Their Tax Refunds."  The training will provide information
on how to help homeless people who worked in the past year to file
taxes and obtain refunds for which they qualify.  It will include
information on eligibility and refund levels for the Earned Income
Credit, a refundable tax credit for low-income workers.  It will also
provide information on free tax preparation resources available to
people with low incomes, as well as legal resources available to help
those who owe taxes from prior years.  The training will be conducted
by NLCHP's Policy Director, Laurel Weir, who oversees NLCHP's DC
Project to help homeless workers in DC file their income tax returns.

The training is approximately $25 for NLCHP members and $45 for
non-members.  To register for the training go to:
http://c3.econfcall.net/msrsvpform.jsp?refno=5559146 or call Wendy
Simmer at 1-800-403-3303.  For information on the content of the
training or NLCHP membership, call (202) 638-2535 or email

CLASP Audio Conference Series: The Family Squeeze

On January 28, the Center for Law and Social Policy will launch its
monthly series of audio conferences for 2005.  This year's series is
entitled "The Family Squeeze" and focuses on the challenges and vital
supports for low-income workers struggling to achieve a healthy
balance between working to support their families and supporting their
families outside of work.  The audio conferences will feature guests
including Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA), Governor Kathleen Babineaux
Blanco (D-LA), and a host of policy experts and practitioners.
Examples of topics include: The Federal Budget: Implications for
Families and States; Pre-K and Parental Work: Emerging Lessons from
the States; Connecting Disconnected Youth and Disconnected Systems:
Innovative Community Approaches; Better Jobs: New Ways to Raise Income
for Welfare Families; and Better Business: Making Work "Work" for
Employers and Employees.

For additional information, visit: http://www.clasp.org/audioconf.php

TAPA Center for Jail Diversion Net/Tele Conferences

On Tuesday, February 22, at 2-3:30 p.m. EST, the TAPA Center for Jail
Diversion will host a Net/Tele Conference on the basics of conducting
a program evaluation of jail diversion outcomes and presenting
findings to make the case for jail diversion.  Judge Steven Leifman,
Associate Administrative Judge for Florida's Eleventh Judicial
Circuit, will describe how to use program evaluation results to
demonstrate the value of and secure support and funding for jail
diversion programs.  Henry J. Steadman, Ph.D., President of Policy
Research Associates, Inc. and Director of the TAPA Center will provide
practical advice on outcomes evaluation, focusing on: how to approach
outcomes evaluation; what data to collect; where to collect the data;
and how to interpret and effectively present data.  Participants will
be able to listen to the live presentation via telephone (toll-free)
while viewing a PowerPoint presentation via the internet.

For further details, visit
http://www.gainsctr.com/pdfs/tapa/Feb_22_05_Net Conf.pdf or contact
Adam Kirkman at akirkman@prainc.com or 1-866-518-8272.


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Upcoming Events

Jan. 13: Leadership to End Homelessness Audio Conference. 3-4 EST.
Sponsored by Council of State Community Development Agencies, National
Alliance to End Homelessness, National League of Cities, National
Council of State Housing Agencies, and U.S. Conference of Mayors.  For
details, visit http://www.endhomelessness.org/audio

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