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Subject: Homelessness Marathon Schedule 

 This is the final broadcast schedule for the Homelessness Marathon, which
begins its broadcast tomorrow (Monday), at 7pm eastern.  A list of
stations carrying the broadcast as well as a link to the Marathon's
webcast can be found at http://www.homelessnessmarathon.org.
 Each hour of the Marathon after the first begins with a short five-minute
pre-recorded segment followed by a longer live segment. All times are EST.
 7pm - 8pm Welcome. Then, "Why Are There So Many Of Us On The
Streets? a panel of homeless single women.
 8pm - 9pm SHORT:  "The Causes of Homelessness Part 1."
LONG: Remote from Portland, ME, "Housed Teens Talk With
Homeless Teens."  Then Open Mic Time with
co-hosts Israel Bayer of Street Roots and
Indio of Street News.
 9pm - 10pm SHORT:  "The Causes of Homelessness Part 2."
LONG: "Who Profits From Poverty?"  Co-host:  Frances
Fox Piven, author of"The Breaking of the American
Social Compact" and, most recently, "The War At
Home:  The Domestic Costs of Bush's Militarism,"
and housing activist Frank Morales.
 10pm - 11pm SHORT:  "Homelessness In Literature."
LONG: "Homelessness in New Haven" - Co-Hosts:  Alison
Cunningham, executive director of Columbus House,
and Bonita Grubbs, director, Christian Community
 11pm - Mid. SHORT: "What Happened to Federal Housing Funds?"
Guest, Sheila Crowley, president National
Low Income Housing Coalition.
LONG:   "How I Spent My Summer Vacation," recent
Green Party VP candidate, Pat Lamarche,
talks with homeless people she met during the
 Mid. - 1am SHORT:  "Global Homelessness."  Guest, Medea
Benjamin, director "Global Exchange."
LONG: Remote from KUNM, Albuquerque, NM.  "We're Here,
We're Queer, We're On The Streets -- Don't
Get Used To It."
 1am - 2am SHORT: "Street Poetry"
LONG:  "Hangin' In Homelesstown:  The Daily Lives of Our
Most Vulnerable Citizens.  Guest host:  Kerry
 2am - 3am SHORT: "Hurricanes and Homelessness," Guest:  Ginger
Ferguson, director Coalition for the Hungry and
Homeless of Brevard County (Florida).
LONG:  Open Mic Hour.
 3am - 4am SHORT: "Schooling Homeless Children."
LONG:  "Media, Menace and Mendacity."  Co-hosts:  Chance
Martin, editor of San Francisco's "Street Sheet"
and Tom Boland, Founder of Homeless People's
 4am - 5am SHORT: "Fresno vs. Freedom."  Guest: independent
journalist Mike Rhodes.
LONG"  "Green Spaces As Safe Spaces," a simulcast with the
Canadian Homelessness Marathon.
 5am - 6am SHORT: "Rising from the Ashes"
LONG: "Homelessness Abroad."  Co-hosts, Inger Koch Nielsen,
Danish representative to FEANTSA (European Federation
of Organizations Working With the Homeless) and Cheri
Hankala, executive director, Kensington Welfare Rights
Union (just returned from the World Social Forum).
 6am - 7am SHORT: Street Poetry
LONG: "No Global Warming In Washington:  Why Homeless
People Are Out In The Cold."  Co-Hosts: Brad Paul,
Director National Policy and Advocacy Council on
Homelessness and Tom Gomez, co-founder Mayday DC.
 7am - 8am SHORT: "Homeless News #1"
LONG:   "Homelessness By The Numbers."  Co-Hosts:  Dennis
Culhane, Professor of Social Welfare Policy,
University of Pennsylvania and Dona Anderson,
director, Institute for Children and Poverty.
 8am - 9am SHORT: "Homeless News #2"
LONG: "Aren't We the Truly Needy?" a panel of disabled
homeless people.