[Hpn] Homeless Man Given A Home After Being Attacked

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WLOX-TV - The News for South Mississippi: Homeless Man Given

February 8, 2005

Homeless Man Given Home

A homeless man who was attacked last month in Pascagoula is getting back on
his feet with help from the people of Jackson County.
Almost three weeks ago, Paul Huff and five other homeless people were
attacked as they returned to their campsite. In addition to some cuts and
bruises, Huff suffered a broken arm and leg.
Huff had just started working at Northrop Grumman and was about to move out
of the woods.
After news of Huff's attack aired on WLOX News, the community came to Huff's
aid donating clothes, blankets and money. Now several Jackson County
businessmen are giving Huff a home.
Men from Trinity House Ministries began moving furniture into the used
mobile home Monday morning. The mobile home was donated by area business men
who wanted to help.
"We've all had opportunities in our life and it's a great way that we can
give back from the community to somebody else," says Todd Trenchard who
coordinated the donation.
"Hopefully he'll take this example and give back to someone else."
"He said this is a cross road where hopefully I'll be able to get on with my
life and put this unfortunate experience behind me," Trenchard said.
Paul Huff is taking some big steps on the road to recovery, according to
Salvation Army social worker Colleen Carman. She says his broken arm and leg
are almost healed. In fact, he's supposed to have the cast on his leg
removed this week.
And there's even more good news. Carman says although he had only worked
there for one week, Northrop Grumman has agreed to keep Huff's job open for
That's why Trenchard says they want to make sure when Paul Huff is fully
back on his feet, he hits the ground running.
"This'll give him a place to recuperate from his injuries and once he goes
back to work he'll have a place to live," says Trenchard.
Trenchard says Huff lost everything he owned when his attackers burned his
tent. But in the ashes he found something he never knew he had, the support
of the people of Jackson County.
Since the attack, dozens of people have made donations to help Huff.
"It's the whole community coming together and that's what makes us so
special here in South Mississippi," said Trenchard.

by Josh Ridgdell

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