[Hpn] Nimbyism or Anti-Vagrancy Law Are In Reality Hate Crimes

William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Mon, 7 Feb 2005 04:51:56 -0500


Feb. 6, 2005

Homelessness plan just an anti-vagrancy law

Homeless plan passes

Feb. 3.

Mayor David Miller seems to think that $18.4 million can end the housing
crisis. At least, that's his justification for a plan to drive the homeless
off the streets and deny basic services to anyone who won't go. The logic:
make homelessness illegal, then maybe build some housing.

But Miller's plan doesn't have a hope of housing anyone. The money is going
into a notoriously ineffective program designed to build units at average
market rents - $884 for a one-bedroom. That's totally out of reach for
welfare recipients or the working poor, let alone for the homeless. Which
means the new bylaw won't force anyone off the street and into a home. It
will just force people into even more brutal circumstances.

Anti-vagrancy laws aren't a new idea, and they've never done anything but
increase both the misery and the quantity of homelessness. And aside from
the promise to build some non-affordable housing, Miller's "homelessness
strategy" is really just an anti-vagrancy law.

Dale Whitmore, Toronto Ca.