[Hpn] Homeless Count May Be Higher Due To Cold Night

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Tue, 1 Feb 2005 08:29:41 -0500


Tuesday Feb. 01, 2005

Cold night may be one reason Fayette homeless count higher

By Sarah Vos


There are 1,193 people who are homeless in Fayette County, according to a
survey conducted last week by the Central Kentucky Homeless and Housing
That's 246 more homeless than volunteers found last year. But Janice James,
who works at the Hope Center for women and coordinated the count, says the
difference could be because of methodology.
Two shelters not included in last year's count were included this year. In
addition, a colder night might have meant more homeless using shelters this
year than last.
Across the nation, groups that want federal money to combat homelessness
were counting the homeless in their regions last week. The counts are part
of a competitive grant process for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development, the agency that provides funding for homeless shelters.
In Lexington, the count involved occupancy numbers from transitional-living
programs and shelters as well as a count of those living on the streets.
James thinks that many of the homeless who do not use shelters were not
In several places, volunteers found makeshift camps that indicated people
had been living there for some time, but they did not find any people. In
other cases, volunteers heard that people who were homeless left an area
before the count began.
In all, volunteers found 50 homeless not using shelters, despite
temperatures in the 30s.

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