[Hpn] Protesters arrested at squatting action in Halifax

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Halifax homelessness protest turns violent
Last Updated Sat, 27 Nov 2004 18:23:04 EST

HALIFAX - Police arrested eight protesters Saturday afternoon after a 
rally demanding additional shelter for the city's homeless turned violent.

Those arrested were among 40 people occupying a vacant city-owned 
building, which they want used to house the city's homeless.

The building, once used as library and later a museum, has sat empty for 
two years.

"We've made it known that we want to work with various levels of 
government and other community organizations to turn this building into 
adequate, affordable and long term housing," said Cole Webber, a member 
of the Halifax Coalition Against Poverty.

The city maintains that the building is unsafe and requested police 
remove the protesters. They disagree with city officials, claiming the 
building is habitable.

Saturday's protesters, ambivalent to the presence of 30 officers, had 
said they wouldn't leave the building until the city changed its mind on 
the matter.

The protest was brought to an end when police broke through the 
building's doors and barricades.

The Halifax Coalition Against Poverty says it plans to continue its 
fight for affordable housing by holding similar protests at 30 other 
empty government-owned buildings.

Written by CBC News Online staff

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