[Hpn] Yard Dogs/ Spring Tour - American Wonder?

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Saturday, November 27, 2004
Yard Dogs/ Spring Tour - American Wonder?

 Hello all friends and family.
 Let the rumors start here. The Yard Dogs Road Show and Eddy Joe Cotton
will be embarking on a national tour (April 2005) - into the belly of this
strange and beautiful land. We will be leaving San Francisco at the end of
March - in your town soon after. April is the bulk of it. To Denver - New
York - New Orleans and beyond.
HYPE! HYPE! HYPE! Start spreading the word.
 We get mail from all over the country. From folks like you who want to see
the show but live too far away, cars too broke down, children crying,
hiding from the tax man or the exhusband, debts to pay. So, in these
unyielding times, we're bringing the show to you! Why, because you deserve
it! So, TELL YOUR FRIENDS, clean out the barn. It's time for a vaudeville
hoe down!
 Here's the low down:
 We need your help. If you are a promotor (of the photo copying, flier
passing, poster stapling variety or the BIG TIME bright lights fast
talking variety) contact us. Do you work for a local paper or magazine?
Little features and tid bits in print always help. Do you have or know
anyone that has, a venue. A theater, circus tent, warehouse, club, back
porch, rolling hill, street corner where you could picture a show like
ours taking place?
 Do you have a little radio show we could interview on or use to send out
sound bytes? How about book store (of any size)- Eddy Joe Cotton is always
down to read (and he'll do it for a sandwich). COLLEGE STUDENTS - we don't
know anything about higher education and there's a good chance higher
education doesn't know anything about us. Let's duke it out! Tell a
professor or events coordinator the Road Show is coming to town.
 If you want to be part of a street team in your town (folks who place and
hand out fliers and posters)we will give you free tickets to the show and
free access to whatever booze and food is laying around (payment that our
trusty performers and road hands will also enjoy).
 I think you all get the idea. This is DIY lowbrow circus fun and it needs
YOU to survive.
 If you or any of your confidants need to know more about the Yard Dogs and
Eddy Joe Cotton, all you could ever want is here:
 Thank you for your time....
 Eddy Joe Cotton and The Yard Dog Road Show
or 707 545 7699