[Hpn] Pit bull owner is fined $600

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What a compassionate judge.

Pit bull owner is fined $600 

Art Barnum

November 24, 2004

ROSELLE -- The owner of a pit bull that bit a Roselle kindergartner last month was fined $600 this week.

Jason Devincent, 18, who says he is homeless, pleaded guilty in DuPage County Circuit Court on Monday to owning a dog at large and not having a dog license.

The dog, Buster, got loose from a yard in the 700 block of Autumn Drive, where Devincent was staying for a few days, and bit Anthony Duffy Jr., 5, who lived on that block.

The boy suffered 4- and 6-inch wounds to the back of his head that required surgery. He was released from the hospital after a day.

DuPage Judge John Kinsella fined Devincent $600, said Laura Urbik-Kern, Roselle village prosecutor.

"Judge Kinsella asked him how he would feel if it were his child," Urbik-Kern said. "The defendant stated he took full responsibility for the incident."

The dog was euthanized several hours after the incident.

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