[Hpn] Subpoverty levels are not declining in USA

William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Wed, 17 Nov 2004 11:10:57 -0500

Perhaps a minimum living wage increase is needed to pull us out of this
down-ward spiral?
November 04, 2003

Numbers hungry and in poverty in USA increase

According to the New York Times

Nearly 3.8 million [American] families were hungry last year to the point
that someone in the household skipped meals because the family could not
afford them.

34.6 million Americans 'were living in poverty last year.' And those figures
are above the 2001 rates - sometimes substantially. For instance, the
increase in the numbers in poverty was 1.7m, or 4.9%, while the number of
families with someone who went hungry increased by 8.6% over 2001, which was
in itself an incease of 13% over the figure for 2000.

In class yesterday someone quoted a figure from a high school civics lesson,
where they heard that 30% of those born poor in the USA would not die poor,
and this showed the room for self-advancement in the US system, and by
implication showed the superiority of capitalism. Apart from wondering about
comparable figures for other comparable examples, the fact that poverty is
still measured in absolute terms in the USA is something I have discussed
here previously. These figures provide a shocking - at least it should be
shocking - picture of the reality of life for so many people living in the
United States today.