[Hpn] Kill file for Unclescam he has not learned in 6 years how to make intelligent posts

unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Wed, 17 Nov 2004 08:43:13 -0500 (EST)

thanks bill,
 i appreciate your condemnation. shows there's still a god out there.
why did you think i personally wanted an email from you. i'm a group guy.

On 11/17/2004, "William Charles Tinker" <wtinker@metrocast.net> wrote:

>Unclescam AKA Tom Newell-
>I wrote to you off list you brought it on to HPN list.You apparently still
>do not know personal e-mail netiquette stays personal, not  to be displayed
>on the list as it has no value to any one toward ending homelessness
>So go play your moronic games with some one else, your no advocate for
>anything except 4 finger hemp filled baggies  have a good night and I am
>putting you into my kill file.
>Good bye muppeteer.
>William Charles Tinker
>New Hampshire Homeless / Founded 11-28-99
>25 Granite Street
>Northfield,New Hampshire 03276-1640  USA
>Advocates,activists for disabled,displaced and human rights