[Hpn] Re: Fw: Women's Home for destitute in Manchester, Pearl Manor

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Tue, 16 Nov 2004 22:16:14 -0500 (EST)

i have no personal mail with you. i reply to your hpn posts on hpn.
i've nothing to hide and nowhere to hide it.
as to rules, is truth in advertizing one of them?
i paid my college loans
all dogs eat shit
my federal withholdings pay your social security not the state.
what fun. name calling and dog baiting. good

On 11/17/2004, "William Charles Tinker" <wtinker@metrocast.net> wrote:

>Unclescum AKA Tom Newell number one you should not our  take personal e-mail
>and forward it onto HPN list you know the rules.
>I also saved your life recently as I killed the only feces eating dog in
>Boston/Cambridge ;-) so be thankful !!!
>It was called Petacide....
>Oh by the way if your still paying taxes in Massa Two Shits your a bigger
>idiot than GW Bush...
>My taxes I am paying here probabley helped paid for your college day  loans
>you defaulted on?
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>> sokay
>>  why din't you show that thread?  kinda like g.w's wmd's in the
>> iraqyard.
>> i guess if he pays yer bills you'll make it easy for him. live easy on
>> my taxes
>> i believe in charity for idiots
>> On 11/17/2004, "William Charles Tinker" <wtinker@metrocast.net> wrote:
>>>Well Uncle Tom  she had wrote earlier in reference to homeless and so I
>>>bolstered her thoughts on pushing towards her goal of the home which
>>>originally was supposed to be non profit and for the indigent it was built
>>>to house poor not  $6,000.00 a month incarcerated people...
>>>See you only see half of the thread if that
>>>Any way  good seeing your still on line and bitching  keep it up maybe you
>>>will get King George I to actually do something for homeless besides have
>>>smiling Phil Mangano running across country pushing a out dated 10 year
>>>to end homelessness...
>>>Gotta go watch the tube you keep them HPNers in line
>>>William Charles Tinker
>>>New Hampshire Homeless / Founded 11-28-99
>>>25 Granite Street
>>>Northfield,New Hampshire 03276-1640  USA
>>>Advocates,activists for disabled,displaced and human rights
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>>>> but what question were you answering?
>>>> did you read her statement? she was asking nothing of you
>>>> and you replied with an incoherant rant. enough of this personl
>>>> aggrandizement.
>>>> On 11/17/2004, "William Charles Tinker" <wtinker@metrocast.net> wrote:
>>>>>Some Legislators do write me seeking info and input.
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>>>>>Subject: RE: Women's Home for desitute in Manchester, Pearl Manor
>>>>> Rep. Harriet E. Cady et al
>>>>> As far as I am concerned I do not believe any one should be
>>>>> involuntarily
>>>>> houseless or homeless in New Hampshire or this country,but we pander to
>>>>> fools at times,who seem to think  housing thats over 50 years old is in
>>>>> of gentrification.
>>>>> The problems are they never preserve historical housing in their down
>>>>> town
>>>>> revitalization plans, or decent refurbishable units of housing thus
>>>>> our once available housing rental stock supply down to institutions
>>>>> that
>>>>> off the retired and dis-allow them to live more independent lives.
>>>>> Case in point... a very well educated librarian woman in Franklin NH
>>>>> had
>>>>> $100,000.00 savings account in bank, she fell at home letting her cat
>>>>> out
>>>>> broke her hip,and the social workers talked her into moving into
>>>>> Mountain
>>>>> Ridge /Mountain Crest on Baldwin Street  Franklin NH  for her own
>>>>> safety...
>>>>> She had a nice 2 room apartment type of housing there,but in about 2
>>>>> years
>>>>> when her money was depleted they put her out front in welfare part of
>>>>> Nursing Home where she fell and broke her hip she now is in throes of
>>>>> dementia and alzheimers.
>>>>> Do you see the sad  irony here?
>>>>> William "Bill" Tinker
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>>>>> From: "Harriet E. Cady" <kd1843@verizon.net>
>>>>>To: "William Charles Tinker" <wtinker@metrocast.net>
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>>>>>Subject: Women's Home for desitute in Manchester, Pearl Manor
>>>>> Hi Mr. Tinker,
>>>>> AS I told you the Women's home for the destitute was founded in 1891 by
>>>>> law
>>>>> and the Trust grew to be worth over 8 million dollars but somehow the
>>>>> Elliott Hospital has used it to sell the original Pearl Manor and build
>>>>> at
>>>>> Hillcrest Terrace.  Now they are charging $6000 plus per month for
>>>>> people
>>>>> be at Pearl Manor.  I am asking the court to investigate what happened
>>>>> to
>>>>> the original charge of what Pearl Manor was to be.
>>>>> Certainly there shouldn't be homeless when there was a home for the
>>>>> aged
>>>>> in
>>>>> Manchester.
>>>>> Harriet