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but what question were you answering?
did you read her statement? she was asking nothing of you
and you replied with an incoherant rant. enough of this personl

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>Some Legislators do write me seeking info and input.
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>Subject: RE: Women's Home for desitute in Manchester, Pearl Manor
> Rep. Harriet E. Cady et al
> As far as I am concerned I do not believe any one should be involuntarily
> houseless or homeless in New Hampshire or this country,but we pander to
> fools at times,who seem to think  housing thats over 50 years old is in
> of gentrification.
> The problems are they never preserve historical housing in their down town
> revitalization plans, or decent refurbishable units of housing thus
> our once available housing rental stock supply down to institutions that
> off the retired and dis-allow them to live more independent lives.
> Case in point... a very well educated librarian woman in Franklin NH had
> $100,000.00 savings account in bank, she fell at home letting her cat out
> broke her hip,and the social workers talked her into moving into Mountain
> Ridge /Mountain Crest on Baldwin Street  Franklin NH  for her own safety...
> She had a nice 2 room apartment type of housing there,but in about 2 years
> when her money was depleted they put her out front in welfare part of
> Nursing Home where she fell and broke her hip she now is in throes of
> dementia and alzheimers.
> Do you see the sad  irony here?
> William "Bill" Tinker
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>To: "William Charles Tinker" <wtinker@metrocast.net>
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>Subject: Women's Home for desitute in Manchester, Pearl Manor
> Hi Mr. Tinker,
> AS I told you the Women's home for the destitute was founded in 1891 by law
> and the Trust grew to be worth over 8 million dollars but somehow the
> Elliott Hospital has used it to sell the original Pearl Manor and build at
> Hillcrest Terrace.  Now they are charging $6000 plus per month for people
> be at Pearl Manor.  I am asking the court to investigate what happened to
> the original charge of what Pearl Manor was to be.
> Certainly there shouldn't be homeless when there was a home for the aged in
> Manchester.
> Harriet