[Hpn] The bottom line is helping end homelessness not exloiting it for monetary gain

unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Tue, 16 Nov 2004 17:50:26 -0500 (EST)

how many other types of payment are there. is money the only profit?
exploitation for ego salving, or doing good to get into heaven?
ms wright took the states money for how many years before conscience
moved, bill accepts the states money and it's right to oppose the hand,
i accept the free state care for my medical.... because we're smart
to use the system?  because it's there? there are people at all levels
failing the
test. brothers and sisters not taking that child in. thousands of us with
warm homes not sheltering..personally.. those in need. would we need
a provider system if we took personal responsibility for our bretherens'
to work in the system is ok. don't denigrate the mighty works of many by
lumping with the ethically challenged. they are few  and not the answer
to homelessness.

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>Subject: Re: Tinker's A Fraud - The Struggle Is Over~AMEN~
>The bottom line:  There are many people out there in the homeless provider
>world receiving big bucks into their programs that are not doing all what
>they can for the homeless. There are people at the State level falling
>asleep on the job; by not taking swift action to the thieves in the programs
>who are letting children sleep out in the cold tonight and every night, here
>in NH: There are thousands of children and their families outside .  In my
>opinion, because of the bureaucratic positioning from the State of NH - it
>is very apparent that the State wants to shake hands with providers; instead
>of,  cutting off the funding to those providers that lost the sight of their
>mission a very long time ago.  The provider stronghold over the State office
>is why I left my job with the State in 2002 and that is why I am disgusted
>when I realize that people still spend their time pointing fingers or
>throwing stones at the person(s) that care.
>The Office of Homeless and Housing and their practices is where the finger
>needs to be pointed. Please leave the people that truly care about each
>single persons steps in homelessness, like Tinker, alone.
>Jodie Wright
>As imperfect as I am, I will always stand with our poor and disabled
>population because I am one of them.
>A Brother In The Struggle