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Tue, 16 Nov 2004 09:09:01 -0500

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 Oh I see, you're not just a fraud, Stambler,
you're an idiot, if you think you have the one
and only answer to homelessness; and a wanna-be
dictator, if you think everyone must follow your
fascist ass, no questions asked.
 You don't belong in the homeless movement with
this fascist attitude, you belong with Bush's
Fourth Reich. Goose-stepping for your sorry ass
is not what the homeless cause and movement are
 Homelessness will never be abolished by the likes
of you or your fascist plan. It is fascist
thoughts and ideas like yours that have caused
billions of people to lose their livelihoods,
loves and lives these past few centuries to date,
in the first place. 
 You are trying to force poor people to worship
the Almighty Dollar like you do, as if that will
solve every problem they have. It would certainly
put more money in your pocket, the poverty pimp
you are.
 Bulldozing the homeless into the wooden coffins
you call houses, in fascist neighborhoods, is not
solving the problem of homelessness, it is
creating environments for more hatred, violence,
death and destruction, and in turn more poverty
and homelessness, as in Israel and Palestine
where innocent men, women and children are being
forced to live in an Aryan-crafted hell.

You see homelessness in "black and white,"
Stambler, e.g., there is the problem: in your
pocket is the solution. Your role model is
clearly George W. Bush, the Antichrist himself.
 So, you go on proclaiming yourself the messiah or
"savior of the homeless," Stambler. I can only
feel sorrow for the poor homeless you are
hurting, by attacking the few advocates who are
truly trying to help them.
"Heil, Stambler!?" What a joke!
 You are part of the problem, Herr Stambler, not
part of the solution. We will neither get with
your program nor will we get out of the way. We
will continue to expose you for what you are for
so long as you continue to do the homeless harm.
 --- The Stamblers <kerrypruitt@yahoo.com> wrote:
 1) i'm not a fraud - tinker is - he has worked
to stop homelessness for many years, but hasn't
accomplished a solution to homelessness - not
even in new hampshire
 2) saying that tinker is a fraud is not slander
if it's true - and you should take a closer
look at what tinker does - he promotes
homelessness on the internet - and delivers
nothing for homeless people
3) i have a plan to end homelessness in 4
months in new hampshire - i will back up what i
say with money and other resources to make this
a reality - i will not work with tinker, unless
he follows my program for the allocation of
resources that i will collect for my project
 4) perhaps you have seen what chance martin
wrote about me in an e-mail - i think that it's
hypocritical for anyone who says that they are
helping homeless people to DISCOUNT any
possible plan that's out there
 5) who has solved homelessness in america?  I
WILL - not through HUD, not through fraudulent
Christians who pretend to help - put through
private enterprise
 6) either get with the program, or get out of
the way
 -douglas stambler