[Hpn] The Struggle Is Over

William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Sun, 14 Nov 2004 19:40:45 -0500


I am not the least bit deluded about you,I never ever  wanted to be a part 
of your"firm" what the hell are you talking about?

It was you who has wrote to me thanking me for all I have done alone lines 
of human rights and homelessness.

Odd every one on all the other lists read "Another Homeless Story" by 
Douglas Stambler  but not you?

I have no problem with knowing who I am,and I am not even a little bit 
deluded about who you are,I know your a bit egotistical and high browed at 
times,but kerrypruitt@yahoo.com AKA Douglas Stambler  originally sent you 
and I his electronic novel material on line and this can be verified.

Nothing bad about christianity,I have the same ministry credentials you do, 
but you still can not pull housing out of thin air that has  not been built 

A Brother In The Struggle

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From: "H C Covington" <hccovington@msn.com>

> Dear Bill:
> You continue to have delusions about who I am, what I do and some
> sort of relationship you have with my firm.
> I have NOT read any book or article from this gentleman.  I do
> remember some discussion by you and/or others on the
> Homelessness_Poverty_in_our_time ListGrp, but did not enter into
> that/those discussions as I had NOT reviewed the work.
> I review books and papers for several publishing companies, but I
> have not reviewed a work sent to us by an author since 1994-1995.
> All the discussion that I remember was about whether the author
> was/is a follower of Christ Jesus or not.  As most of your posts
> attack all things religious, I just deleted the discussion items
> and did not read them either.
> Sonny
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