[Hpn] Fw: Douglas Stambler Has Promised NH A End To Homelessness By March 31,2005 Our Prayers Are Answered

William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Sun, 14 Nov 2004 17:56:02 -0500

Dear Anonymous Homeless:

I prayed so long about this that I have now got degenerative arthritis in 
both my kneees so we in New Hampshire will welcome this white magician to 
pull 20,000 units of no housing out of thin air and make  every one thats 
homeless now in NH  have permanent affordable housing with in 4 months as 
Douglas Stambler has promised!

That would mean that I do not have to worry about people or take any more 
phone calls about disabled,or displaced persons being out in sub freezing or 
zero weather any more.
Your right I think Douglas Stambler has some insider information that will 
make a miracle happen here in NH and will produce housing of 2 million units 
of housing in a ripple effect nation wide.

Well Douglas, I am sure Keith Kuenning the excecutive director of New 
Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness will be happy to hear any plan you 
have towards solving NH  homeless dilemma in 4 months.

A Brother In The Struggle

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Sunday, November 14, 2004
Subject: Re: Douglas Stambler Has Promised NH A End To Homelessness By March 
31,2005 Our Prayers Are Answered

 Hey, what's your problem Bill?! Maybe DS knows something we don't?!
Maybe when he speaks of housing, he means heaven?! Maybe he has divine
insight or knowledge from Jesus himself that the *rapture* will take
place within four months and so DS is on a "mission from God" -- sort
of like the *Blues Brothers*; but in his case he is out to make sure
all homeless people in NH become *saved* in time so they will be
raptured?! Thusly the "homeless problem" in NH will be solved within a
"blink of an eye." Think about it for a moment (okay, I know it won't
take you that long to figure it out). Then DS would be right, of
course he sounds pretty far right at the moment anyway, even if he is
actually somewhere far out there in left field. But, who knows, it
could happen ya' know! Or, maybe he does mean heaven when he says
housing and he is on a mission to send homeless people in NH there by
other available means and, their housing would be affordable pine
caskets?! [-- dread the thought]. Skip this one, as I do not want to
give fools like him such an idea, since he may become frustrated and
desperate and resort to such tactics. Or, maybe he is a NH court judge
or, soon to become one, and, he plans to send any and all homeless
people to prison and he figures it will only take him four months to
do so (-- especially with Jesus' buddy W. as President), as this could
be DS's version of housing for people like us?! Hmmm, skip this one
too for the same reasons as the last. Who knows, maybe he builds doll
houses and plans to provide then free to all people living homeless in

 ;- [winking & grinning]

 Laugh Bill, laugh, don't let such fools bait you or get under your
skin. Best not to take people like him too seriously, just because
 they do, which seems to be his problem.

 -- An Anonymous Homeless Person -- though not for long, all thanks to DS!

 :-) [smile]

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From: The Stamblers


 hey, there, william tinker:

 i will solve the homeless crisis in new hampshire within 4 months - anybody
and everybody who wants housing - i will give it to them.

 that's more than you've done in your years of promoting instability,
godlessness and poverty.

 who's the punk now, william?

 In Christ,
 douglas stambler
(murphys, california)


 Douglas Stambler,

 I think that we have all been promised lots of things in this life time but
you just over dosed on your own words as now the whole of the homeless
internet world community knows you are full of hot air.You personally are
going to house all the involuntary homeless in New Hampshire by March 31

 Lets see you do this,as action speaks for itself,talk is cheap and if you
can house 20,000 or more working poor,displaced,and disabled  homeless in 4
months your doing more than what Jesus Christ has been able to do since he
walked the earth.

 I did not call you a  punk, I called you a "poverty pimp" some one whom
lives off the poor,and homeless or exploits them,I never exploited any one.

 You will get your 15 minutes of fame if you can accomplish finding housing
all homeless that want it.

 A Brother In Peace and In The Struggle