[Hpn] Woman Sentenced To Jail For Filthy House

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                                    November 5,2004

                  Woman Sentenced to Jail for Filthy House

                  OMAHA, Neb. (AP) -- After ignoring six years of prodding
from the city, a woman is going to jail for having a filthy house. A Douglas
County judge Thursday sentenced Rosie Fellman to 45 days behind bars for
littering, with breaks every 10 days to clean up her central Omaha home.

                  Trash and debris has been piled up to 5 feet deep in the
house and garage, which are a health and fire hazard, the city's chief
housing inspector Kevin Denker said.

                  Last month, inspectors found more than 100 garbage cans in
the driveway.

                  City Prosecutor Marty Conboy said the city has spent six
years trying to get Fellman to clean up. There was not much else the judge
could do, Conboy said.

                  At the end of Fellman's sentence, the judge will decide if
she has improved the home's condition. If not, she could be sentenced to
another 45 days in jail.

                  The city has ordered the home demolished, but Fellman, who
lives alone, is appealing the order.

                  "If she doesn't clean it out we'll just tear down
everything," Denker said.

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