[Hpn] Police chase squatters from duplex,catch two, still searching for three

William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Wed, 3 Nov 2004 17:29:30 -0500


Wed, Nov. 03, 2004

Police chase squatters from duplex, catch two, still searching for three



Miami-Dade Police set up a perimeter and used dogs to try to find all the
people who were apparently squatting in a duplex just east of Carol City,
but had not caught them all by late Wednesday.

One of the people still at large shot at a man when the squatters were
discovered Wednesday morning, police said.
Officers were called to the duplex at 2555 NE 181 St. about 9 a.m., after
occupants of the other unit called the owner to say there appeared to be
people in the side that was supposed to be vacant.

The owner went to the property with a coworker, said Sgt. Rudy Espinosa, a
department spokesman, and discovered that the door had been kicked in.

Inside, they found two females and three males, Espinosa added.

''When they approached them, they took off runing,'' he said. ''The coworker
ran after one of the males. One of them had a firearm, turned around and
shot at the coworker.'' The coworker was not hit.

Police caught one male and one female, Espinosa said, but the others,
including the one with the gun, were still on the loose.