[Hpn] section 8 op-ed by Nancy Pelosi

Morgan W. Brown morganbrown@gmail.com
Thu, 20 May 2004 20:32:58 -0400

after I received express permission directly from Chance Martin to do
so, I have just finished posting the Nancy Pelosi sec. 8 op-ed on to
my personal blog, Norsehorse's Home Turf.

It is now available at:

[Hpn] Section 8 op-ed by Nancy Pelosi:

if that URL gets broken in transmission however, simply go to my
blog's main page at: http://norsehorses-turf.blogspot.com and you'll
find in on that page until it gets bumped off. when that happens it
will be found either directly through its own permalink (the one
listed above) or through the archives for the given week it was posted

A related blog post has also been posted on my blog as well. It is:

National Housing Justice Memorial Day: May 26, 2004:

This particular post is an e-mail that I had forwarded earlier, but
the version on the blog contains a lot of related information and
links following it.