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[ocap] Rally in Kanehsatake - Strength in Solidarity

 Strength in Solidarity - Rally in Kanehsatake
Thursday, May 20th, 2004
2 PM at the camp in the Pines
Call out from Kanehsatake:  "Please come!"
 Kanehsatake has been in the public eye since January of this year as the
community has repeatedly stood to defend itself against outside
interference and invasion.  While the province of Quebec has reportedly
refused an additional $1.5 million, on top of the initial $900,000.00 and
subsequent $1.2 million already paid out to fight the community in the
past 7 months alone, there are many signs to indicate that the Feds would
rather see things escalate.  Government sources have indicated concern
that the community's strong stand is affecting a Federal timetable that
would bring the same pressure, threats and violence to bear on other
Mohawk communities.  Akwesasne, Kahnawake and Tyendinaga have been told to
brace for Government troops by July.  Documents released under the Freedom
of Information Act demonstrate that this wouldn't be the first time an all
out invasion of the Mohawk communities was planned.  It is estimated that
in 1994 that some 2,000 RCMP, 2,000 SQ and 15,000 soldiers were on stand
by to invade the communities, supposedly to stop the "illegal" trade in
native-made (ie: contraband) cigarettes.  The propaganda in the spring of
2004 is eerily similar.
 We will not be tricked nor will we be stopped by government-sponsored
propaganda aimed at painting an entire community and an entire People as
criminal.  Many of us have traveled to Kanehsatake in recent weeks.  We
have met the men, women and children on the lines who are determined to
protect their community with dignity and honour.  The legacy of the Mohawk
Nation is one of defiance against the Canadian state, not of crime. This
is an issue about Governance and sovereignty.  This is about a community
of people being able to choose their own leadership without outside
interference.  This is about the fact that only 1 acre of the land
promised to the people of Kanehsatake in 1990 has been turned over to the
community and that condominium development is slated to begin this year on
that land in the Pines.  And this is most certainly about stopping a
Government, that on the eve of an election call no less, continues to
financially back, and publicly support military invasion over peaceful

There are times when one has to 'stand up and be counted.' This is one of
those times. Show the children, women and men of Kanehsatake that they do
not stand alone.
 To get on the bus from Toronto or if you have a vehicle and can drive,
please phone the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty at (416) 925-6939.
To hook up with the Kingston Common Front's travel plans or to make a
donation towards the bus please phone: (613) 531-3428. If you live
elsewhere in the province, please phone OCAP and we can put you in touch
with others mobilizing in your area.
 For more information on the solidarity rally, please phone Chief John
Harding in Kanehsatake at (514) 809-4799.
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
10 Britain St. Toronto, ON  M5A 1R6
416-925-6939  ocap@tao.ca www.ocap.ca
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