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1 who is this adler guy?
2 this is off topic and a problem only for the casino/sin sales folks.
   if i wanted to hear about indians fighting over power for the
who pays the cops and how much, how to split the profits i'll join a
indian group. not one word about housing for the homeless.

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>Kanehsatake: Community appeals for resolution ignored
> May 13, 2004
> Community's repeated appeals for legitimate policing body and resolution
>Martin, Gabriel seem intent instead on forcing a violent confrontation in
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> The portrayal of the community of Kanehsatake as lawless and opposed to
>policing is greatly disturbing because it is so patently and blatantly
>untrue.  On the contrary the community and Council have been calling
>repeatedly for policing, with the simple and entirely reasonable
>qualification that it be delivered in a nonprofessional and non-partisan
> Community opposition to those amassed under the direction of Ed Thompson
>stem from concerns, not related to the issue of policing in general, but
>from the personal qualifications of these officers, or lack thereof.
>Considerable question has been raised with respect to inadequacies in
>weapons training, standard police training, let alone whether some of them
>are even police officers at all.  A number of these officers are
>understood to be under investigation for ethical breaches or other
>professional misconduct.  Individuals on this force from Kahnawake and
>Akwesasne are not wanted in their own communities and are stated to be a
>risk to peace and stability.  One such officer, Larry Ross, was directly
>involved in an unplanned and botched operation that led to the paralyzing
>of a Kanehsatake community member five years ago, who died this week as a
>result of the injuries he sustained.  The force's own chosen media
>spokesperson, Mike Stalk, was himself recently fired from the Kahnawake
>Peacekeepers and is currently facing charges for allegedly assaulting his
>former colleagues.  Richard Walsh, another man personally hired by James
>Gabriel, was found to have 16 convictions in the last twelve years ranging
>from fraud to impersonating a police officer, to possession of a
>prohibited weapon.  Despite this, Gabriel unilaterally equipped him with a
>police badge, uniform, restricted weapons and paid him in excess of
>$100,000.00 out of the community's budget.
>It is difficult to imagine a community anywhere in Canada that would be
>prepared to allow such a questionable group of characters to set up shop
>on such an important and integral matter as policing, nor would it ever be
>expected of them.  Neither should it be expected of Kanehsatake.
>And indeed the community has been calling for proper policing, and would
>have it long ago were in not for political interference predominantly by
>James Gabriel that has been tacitly and, at times, actively supported by
>the Provincial and Federal Governments.  While James Gabriel would be
>quick to make allegations that Kanehsatake former Chief of Police Tracy
>Cross "has connections to organized crime," his personal history simply
>does not support such false and misleading statements.  Tracy Cross is one
>of a select few formally trained Mohawk Peacekeepers, with approximately 8
>years of policing experience.  He previously served for the Canadian
>Military and underwent two separate tours of duty.  He is also an ordained
>Minister in the Church - hardly the qualifications of a man likely to be
>"soft on crime."  While Tracy Cross may have refused to allow the
>Kanehsatake Police Force to be used as a political tool by James Gabriel,
>he maintained peace, stability and lawfulness in the community of
>Kanehsatake.  A state of affairs that was corroborated by the Kahnawake
>Peacekeepers who were in charge of policing in Kanehsatake from January to
>March of this year.  They found little if any criminal activity during
>that time and absolutely no evidence of the existence of organized crime,
>grow operations or a burgeoning drug trade.  Their observations, like
>Tracy Cross' before them, were that the allegations made by James Gabriel
>had no merit whatsoever.  Quebec Public Security Minister Jacques Chagnon
>himself personally stated that he observed no law and order problems
>during his recent unannounced visit to the community.
> If Mr. Gabriel is to be so irresponsible as to repeatedly reject plans for
>peaceful resolution and refuse any and all communication that might assist
>in calming tensions, the Prime Minister should seriously question his
>continued public support and evergrowing financial expenditure to back
>this man, not to mention the involvement of his own personal media
>consulting firm.
> Paul Martin spoke of a new era in the Government's relationship with First
>Nations communities.  Here he is presented with an opportunity to
>demonstrate that under his leadership resolution can be found according to
>the needs, wishes and best interests of those communities.  He would be
>sadly underestimating the people of Kanehsatake if he feels he can call an
>election and waltz through the campaign, all the while supporting a man
>whom the people voted out by way of referendum over two years ago.
> For more information, contact:  Chief John Harding at (450) 479-8373 or
>(613) 827-1404
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