[Hpn] Petition: Rumsfeld must resign

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two possible approaches

the question about what "they" are doing to us.

we, the american people are supposed to be better than others. freedom
frees us from the debauchery of the less free nations of the world. you
we're not?
do we accept caning our kids because the strict religious cults do?
is this humane
we apologize because we see the error of our conduct and know that
without the
rule of law all is chaos. to perpetrate the very thing we chastise our
enemy's for is
hazing is a crime punishable by a jail term in every state of the union
and the
confederacy and all states after the civil war. we fought that war to
free people
from the torture of slavery..

second, "shalom"  leaves no room for   war for oil  or the usurpation
of ethical and moral behaviour by an administration destroying the
american soul by forming an empire.
peace is not the making of war on a third world nation to controll it's
oil reserves.

not in my name or the name of any other free american should anyone treat
another human being inhumanely.
you sound like a palestinian. would you torture me?  oh no, it was the
who tortured, and thier supreme judicial body told them to stop!!!!
as an ancestor of a religiously persecuted group  (pilgrims)  i demand
the head of our government retire immediately for this moral ineptitude.
on the other hand, he's dunb enough not to know he was wrong. that is

On 5/13/2004, "phillip_adler@hotmail.com" <phillip_adler@hotmail.com>

>Excuse me...
>but what about jhat they are doing to us, do you relize that this amout to
>less than a night of hazing. most of the photos has been documenant as a
>Where was the aplolize to 3000 familes on 9/11
>How about the four americans that were beatten burned...
>How cutting a man's neck open, so he bleeds like a pig.
>What happen is wrong, but these folks are the worst of the worst. The hard
>core bunch, that will kill and tourture i n a heart beat.
>and by the way if we are going to send to prision these people for war
>crimes than John Kerry, needs to go for what he didin vetnam, for HE
>admitted to these war crimes. What is good for the goose is good for gander.
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>> a bit far afield, but if rummy resigns and bush is re-elected it will
>> make not a whit of difference. let us not get off message. bushie is bad
>> for poor people. any nasty thing they do to get un elected is a good
>> thing. rummy is just another puppet for the ruling class. you'd sooner
>> wolfowitz? or someone with less history as a fascist? keep on message,
>> defeat bush.
>> On 5/8/2004, "William Charles Tinker" <wtinker@metrocast.net> wrote:
>> >
>> >Dear Friend,
>> >
>> >The images of abuse in a U.S. run Iraqi prison couldn't be more
>> >
>> >Disturbing too is that Donald Rumsfeld and the Department of Defense knew
>> >about this and didn't take immediate action and didn't even inform the
>> >leaders in Congress. John Kerry has called for Donald Rumsfeld to resign
>> >-- and the Kerry Campaign is asking us to show support for his decision
>> >endorsing his statement here:
>> >
>> >http://www.johnkerry.com/petition/rumsfeld.php
>> >
>> >I did -- and you should too.
>> >
>> >Bill
>> >
>> >
>> >
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