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This is a case of a small Native community standing united against a former
chief who no longer has the support of the people. The Government of Canada
wants this character (whose name is James Gabriel) to remain in power. So
the real fight is this small indigenous community standing up to a
colonialist government which in this case is using a single traitor in order
to maintain its control over these people.

Among other things, Canada's Indian Act imposes a European model of
government on Indigenous communities. Gabriel was properly deposed according
to Mohawk tradition when he lost the support of the people. The whole thing
is about sovereignty.

The community of  Kanehsatake has a long tradition of fending for itself on
matters such as policing, but Gabriel has been attempting to bring in
outside cops from other Native communities and even the RCMP and Surete du
Quebec (which is known to be one of the most brutal police agencies in the
country). This situation has been escalating since the early winter and the
entire community is now in a state of seige.

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> if there's little division, who is fighting who ?
> yes i saw the story and have followed it for many years.
> the same process is going on in western new york and in pine ridge and in
> oklahoma and where ever the profits of white mens sin are to be divided.
> greed is good. it divides the people and keeps them from pressing for
> real progress. if you saw the california fire stories part of it was the
> inability of one faction to afford the rebuilding of thier casino/bingo
> hall because the other faction refused to pay for the insurance. in
> Washington state the people live in slums(tacoma) while the casino
> faction lives high on the res and the others can't afford to live there
> any more.
> in connecticut, foxwoods, the indian childresn are still not given an
> adequate education. this is economic not tribal war.
> On 5/9/2004, "Graeme Bacque" <gbacque@colosseum.com> wrote:
> >Actually, from what I understand there is very little division among the
> >people of  Kanehsatake over this current situation. The message
> >distributed by OCAP (and forwarded by Bill) came directly from members of
> >that community.
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> >> now bill,
> >> perhaps you're conversing with one on the other side.
> >> there are at least two factions with thier own facts, probably more.
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