[Hpn] [ocap] Stand and Support Kanehsatake

William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
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Hello Janine LaRose,

Perhaps you want to  tell that to the Mohawks  and OCAP?

I only sent on the news of whats been reported .

You can do a search on www.google.com  type in Kanehsatake see what you get
for recent news?

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> Sorry, William Tinker, you do not have your facts straight.
> Janine
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> >On Monday, May 3rd the community of Kanehsatake was forced once again to
> >defend its Territory against an outside and invading police force loyal
> >  the ousted and former chief Jimmy Gabriel.  During the night of the
> >Kanehsatake community member, Joe David died as a result of injuries he
> >had sustained five years earlier.  On June 5th, 1999 Joe David was shot
> >the back and was paralyzed.  It is some of the very same officers who
> >oversaw and were present during the operation in which Joe was shot that
> >play a prominent role in the current force attempting to gain entry into
> >the Territory.
> >
> >Kanehsatake is a strong and unified community that is ever looking for
> >peaceful and just resolution to the crisis that has been imposed on them.
> >Most immediately they need the time to see to the passing of their
> >brother.  It is an affront on basic decency and human dignity to threaten
> >the community once again with invasion, not only by Surete Quebec and the
> >RCMP, but also by the very same police officers that so many see as
> >directly responsible for Joe's long-suffering and death.
> >
> >The community of Tyendinaga is proceeding on a mandate of security,
> >protection and re-enforcement for the period appropriate for the passing
> >of Joe David as prescribed by the Great Law of Peace, and will ensure
> >no outside incursion or intervention disturbs the community during this
> >time.  Tyendinaga is seeking and would welcome all support to see that
> >this mandate is fulfilled and would encourage people to make their way to
> >the community.  This is a time for all of our Onkwehonwe brothers and
> >sisters to stand and support Kanehsatake.  Socially conscious non-native
> >people should equally recognize their responsibility to come to the aid
> >the community and should not allow themselves to feel the inhibitions
> >so often plague non-natives when they are confronted with First Nations
> >struggles.
> >
> >For those who cannot make their way to Kanehsatake, please phone/fax
> >Quebec Public Security Minister, Jacque Chagnon and tell him that the
> >community is capable not only of policing, but of governing, itself and
> >that a peaceful, Mohawk solution would have been found long ago had it
> >been for their continued interference, imposition of violence, and
> >insistence on backing Jimmy Gabriel despite the community's unwavering
> >position that he no longer and will never speak for them again.
> >
> >Jacque Chagnon
> >Quebec minister of Public Security
> >ph:418-643-2112
> >fx:418-646-6168
> >
> >
> >
> >
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