[Hpn] Tent City 4 Will Ask Bothell Council To Reconsider Making Homeless Move

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Church to ask, Don't make tent city shift its site
By Young Chang

St. Brendan Catholic Church, host of the Tent City 4 homeless encampment,
will ask the Bothell City Council to reconsider making the encampment move
to a different quadrant of the church's land.
The council approved a permit Monday allowing St. Brendan to continue
hosting the tent city, as long as the encampment moves from its current
1.8-acre spot - north of Northeast 195th Street, bordering Heritage
Christian School - to the southwest quadrant of the church property, which
is farther from the school.
School officials had projected a 20 percent drop in enrollment in the fall
due to the economy, competition from nearby schools and the tent city next
The permit requires that the tent city relocate by tomorrow morning for the
rest of its 90-day stay, which ends on Aug. 15.
Before the council approved the permit, several area ministers urged the
city not to make the encampment move.
Pastor Dan Hill, from Heritage Christian School and First Baptist Church in
Bothell, said the tent city could stay where it is for the remainder of its
stay. The Rev. Lawrence Minder, from St. Brendan, pledged not to host a tent
city on the 1.8 acres during school years. The pastors delivered
declarations to the city.
The City Council, serving as the hearing board for the quasi-judicial public
hearing, was not allowed to learn of the content of the declarations without
reopening the public-comment portion of the hearing. Council members decided
against doing so.
In a statement released yesterday, St. Brendan said the council "made its
decision on this condition without being informed about the agreement
between the affected parties," and that it believes the council would
reconsider after learning of the agreement. The church is expected to file a
motion on Monday.
"We'd be surprised if the city didn't drop that condition," said Rod Harmon,
attorney for St. Brendan.
Michael Weight, Bothell's city attorney, said officials will review the
request and follow the procedure regarding motions for reconsideration.
But with a Sunday deadline to move the encampment, the tent city risks
violating the permit by staying in its current spot past the deadline.
Weight said city officials have yet to consider whether the encampment would
be in violation of the condition.

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