[Hpn] She Shelters The Homeless To Find Her Daughter (Part 2)

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She Shelters the Homeless to find Her Daughter (Part 2)

 Aug 08, 2004

By Edna Flor M. delos Santos
Inquirer News Service

Editor's Note: Published on page Q4 of the August 8, 2004 issue of the
Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Small consolation

For Nanay Meding, filling up her shanty with voices of people she could care
for is small consolation for that voice she misses most-that of her daughter
Nelda. In 1994, Nelda, then 18, left home and never returned. She is closest
to her heart, says this grieving mother. Not only was Nelda her youngest and
prettiest daughter, she also suffered complications from meningitis that
made her less than mentally competent. In that state, Nelda was raped in her
teen years, a crime that was never brought to justice.

Now in tears, Nanay Meding relives the pain of seeing her darling daughter
sprawled on a grassy lot, bloodied and violated. Police efforts did not
yield any suspect and the case was conveniently forgotten. But that wound
was nothing compared to the pain of losing her daughter.

"One morning, we woke up and Nelda was gone," she says. "We looked for her
everywhere, but she had vanished. Parang bula (Like a soap bubble)." She
adds: "When I  hear of an unidentified corpse, Nida and I go off to check if
it's Nelda. But I know in my heart my daughter is still alive."

Sobbing, Nanay Meding confesses," I want to see my daughter before I die.
This is the reason I don't tire doing good for others, this is why I don't
count the cost. I want to reap my reward someday-to see my daughter again.
That is the only reward I want. Lord, have mercy on me. Give me back my

For Nanay Meding's sake, one hopes that good deeds are indeed multiplied in
the eyes of heaven and rewarded justly.

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