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Thu, 05 Aug 2004 21:29:44 -0700

It was pretty disappointing to see the Examiner is back at the game of
sensationalizing more business-and police-inspired "quality of life" issues.

The telltale is portraying Mr. Miley's lack of treatment compliance as the
results of shortfalls in criminal justice funding.

A more realistic examination might also contextualize Miley's failure to
enter treatment with the reality of the barriers he faces obtaining
treatment immediately--instead of SFGH Emergency Room's MO of setting an
appointment two or three weeks in the future and discharging him to the
streets until then (read: kicking him to the curb).

The CJ expenses are a pretty expensive overlay for ensuring accountability
when community oversight is cheaper and helps empower the community.

Maybe the point of this PR--opaganda is to start making the case for "Drunk
Court" in a town that has over 1000 people waiting for the next available
voluntary treatment slot--a number that only grows since we first started
tracking it.

Anyway, it's pretty formulaic but serves good purpose for instruction in
critical news analysis on "quality-of-life" public relations featuring
poster children like Mr. Miley.

blah bla and so forth




King of misdemeanors
Castro denizen frustrates locals; arrested 77 times.

By Alison Soltau 
Examiner Staff Writer
Published on Friday, July 23, 2004

URL: http://www.examiner.com/article/index.cfm/i/072304n_miley

With a bottle of Royal Gate vodka in his hand and 77 misdemeanor arrests to
his name, George Miley is known as public nuisance No. 1 in the Castro

He has spit on peoples' pizza, lain on Market Street in nothing but an open
trench coat and a pink bra, touched his genitals in public and defecated in
doorways, according to cops.

The former U.S. Air Force officer -- and self-described descendant of San
Francisco military figure Lt. John Miley of Fort Miley fame -- has by
conservative estimates cost The City roughly $38,500 in police and attorney
hours and court costs, police say.

But as he revolves endlessly through the criminal courts, some observers say
it is a case of a man who has slipped through The City's cracks.
"It's a mental-health issue. He gets released back into the community and
it's not helping him at all. It's a vicious cycle," said Mission District
police Officer Lisa Frazer, adding that she has been assaulted by Miley four
times when he resisted arrest. Cops receive about three complaints a week
from residents "afraid to leave their house" because the 58-year-old is
loitering outside, she said.

Many of Miley's 77 misdemeanor arrests are for public drinking. Frazer said
police are forced to arrest Miley for public drinking because of the
anti-social behavior that accompanies it.

"It's the public obnoxiousness, intoxication, urination and aggression," she
said, adding that police do not always arrest homeless people who may be
drinking unless they are menacing the public.

Miley presented himself as sober and intelligent in a street-corner
interview with The Examiner on Thursday, denying allegations that he is
troublesome when drunk. He says he lives on $1,100 a month in pensions and
handouts from his brother.

"The police are prohibitionists. They search for your bottle in your coat
even when you are not drinking," Miley said. "I do drink in public, but
where else am I going to drink? And I try to go to public bathrooms, but if
I can't find one I look both ways, and if I see nobody coming, I use a

The courts have not taken action on many of the misdemeanors, according to
police. Miley's public defender attorney argued that the charges were not
serious infractions, and judges agreed. Frustrated, Castro retailers tried
to get a stay-away order, which bars people from streets and sections of The

Marcello's Pizza on Castro Street applied for an order in 2002, after Miley
allegedly spat on pizzas, defecated in the doorway and threw a chair at a
worker after the eatery refused to sell him alcohol, said owner Annie

"He spat on about four pizzas on the counter and we had to close the store
and clean it up," Flores said. "I don't know what The City could do to help
him, but it would help me to have him not around the Castro," she said.

Miley disputes the allegation, saying he was nowhere near the pizzas and
merely exclaimed, but did not spit.

Cops and other merchants pieced together evidence for another three
stay-aways, effectively making large chunks of the Castro a no-go zone for
the allegedly troublesome lifetime resident. But a Superior Court judge
recently dismissed the orders and Miley returned to the Castro.

Miley has the support of the Most Holy Redeemer Church, where he has been a
lifetime parishioner. A spokesman for the church, Patrick Mulcahey,
described him as "loyal, high-principled and wouldn't harm a fly." He added
that Miley was not being aggressive in the pizza incident and his behavior
was interpreted too severely.

Miley and his supporters also claim one overzealous cop arrested him several
times even though he was not in the Castro.

"I don't think the criminal justice system is the appropriate place to be
dealing with this kind of thing," said his attorney, who asked not to be

Miley has been on probation that "almost certainly" offered drug and
mental-health counseling, but would have been unsupervised because of a lack
of funding for probation officers, according to the District Attorney's

Ideally he should have a guardian, said DA spokeswoman Debbie Mesloh.
On Thursday, Miley said he didn't need any help.

"I don't want treatment. I don't need it and it doesn't do me any good," he
said. "If this [alleged harassment] continues, I'm going to move to the
country," he vowed. "I mean it."

Rap sheet
George Miley has been arrested for misdemeanors 77 times. His offensive
behavior includes:

    Touching his genitals in public
    Walking around naked in public
    Drinking in public
    Urinating and defecating in yards
    Spitting on pizza and throwing a chair inside a Castro shop
    Resisting arrest and assaulting police officers
    Banished from local bank for belligerence

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