[Hpn] SF's Trent Rohrer re-articulates the "magnet theory (again)

chance martin streetsheet@sf-homeless-coalition.org
Thu, 05 Aug 2004 20:59:53 -0700

Jeeze, pretty good PR work for someone who got his job from a patronage
appointment via the inimitable Willie Brown. (Trent Rohrer's dad was one of
Willie Brown's soldiers from his days as California's House Speaker.)

What the article doesn't really tell us is the stories of the people who
depended on those checks to subsist in the most inflated real estate market
in the US. Or the resulting impact on property crime rates.

Desperate people, desperate acts.

OK, maybe I'm just cynical...





SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The caseload of homeless people receiving full-cash
assistance in the city's welfare program has dropped 35 percent since the
implementation of the voter-approved Care Not Cash measure three months ago.

At the beginning of May a total of 2,175 homeless people received the cash
assistance. At the beginning of August the number declined to 1,412. That
means a decline of 763 cases, Trent Rhorer, executive director of the San
Francisco Department of Human Services said Wednesday.

The program reduces the cash grant - which can be as much as $410 a month -
to $59 a month once the city offers a recipient housing. The check is
reduced whether a person chooses to remain on the streets or accepts a place
to live.

More than 500 homeless people dropped out of the city's welfare system
altogether, Rhorer said. Another 176 were placed into housing - typically in
a residential hotel with onsite social and health services.

"Our program of $410 a month with very limited residency requirements served
as a magnet for other Bay Area counties," he said. When the checks were
smaller, out-of-towners dropped out, he said.

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