[Hpn] Squatters relocate

William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Thu, 5 Aug 2004 20:51:24 -0400


Squatters relocate homes

 (Friday, August 06, 2004)

TEN families living in a squatter settlement near the Fiji Electricity
Authority power sub-station on Cunningham Road have moved from the site.

Fiji Electricity Authority chief executive officer Rokoseru Nabalarua said
yesterday the authority was happy squatters in the area were heeding their

"It is for their own safety. We are concerned about their lives. That is why
we earlier called for their vacation,'' he said.

But although the 30-day notice to move had expired, some families were still
at the site. Mr Nabalarua said he had sent out a team last week to talk to
the remaining families.
"I had sent out a team last week to see the families and as always, we have
to work within the law in order to remove them."

Mr Nabalarua could not comment on whether those remaining had agreed to
move, saying the authority would deal with them "firmly but politely".

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