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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 15:16:40 -0400 (EDT)
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At approximately 2:30 this afternoon members of the Ontario Coalition
Against Poverty carried out an eviction of the campaign office of Premier
Ernie Eves.  This action is a response to the past eight years of Tory
rule which have seen thousands evicted from their homes, their lives
destroyed.  It is also a warning to the incoming Government that policies
which attack tenants and poor people will be fought with equal strength.
Act like a Tory and get treated like one.  Below is a copy of the eviction
notice that was served to Eves and his staff.  More information and photos
will be available soon.

Ernie Eves
Broadway Avenue
Orangeville, ON

September 29th, 2003

As the Tory Party plummets towards defeat on October 2nd, 2003, we of the
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty have and will not let the last eight
years of destruction go unnoticed.

As Finance Minister and then as Premier of Ontario, your legacy is a
brutal one.  Cuts to welfare, meagre disability assistance payments, a
laughable minimum wage - poor and working people living in this province
have been hit hard every day your Party has held power. Under the Tories,
our streets have been overrun with zealous police, our fridges have stood
empty, our families have been forced to live unsure of the roof over their

Make no mistake - we do not forget the suffering and the death.  Make no
mistake - we do not forget Kimberley Rogers, Dudley George, the countless
friends who have died on the streets.

As the people of Ontario prepare to declare you and yours unfit to govern,
OCAP is giving you a taste of what mothers, fathers, children in this
province feel when staggering rents and indecent wages mean rent cannot be
paid and the sheriff piles their lives on the sidewalk outside what was
once a home.

This is a send-off to you.  And a notice to those who follow and govern
this province - the years of dispair and disrespect at the hands of the
Tories must be undone.


The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

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