[Hpn] tenant/squatters rights query

iMac laceycrookes@bigpond.com
Sat, 20 Sep 2003 15:28:18 +0800

could someone please  direct me to where i might find out the laws re
squatting in western australia- we are in denmark south west wa and
landlord has found loophole in tenant protection laws to evict us with 3
weeks notice, instead of usual 2 months. there are 3 vacant houses we
know of in the same street- and at this stage with current landlord
launching court action against us and claiming costs in excess of $400
per week(on top of $180 we pay in rent) squatting  in one of the nearby
vacant houses is looking like an option.with regard to our current
problem, property manager,3rd party mediation, rent tribunal, consumer
protection and real estate institute -housing dept of wa and centrelink,
have all failed to offer us protection or assistance.susan and
paul.please email us any advice to