[Hpn] OT: finally bought & used 1st Fast 4 Freedom hunger strike support calling card

Morgan W. Brown norsehorse@hotmail.com
Thu, 04 Sep 2003 21:31:42 -0400

Note: off topic post

Finally managed to purchase an affordable calling card
today so I could place phone calls to the Fast for
Freedom in Mental Health -- Hunger Strike headquarters
in Pasadenda, California to simply say hello and speak
with whoever was around and up to talking.

I certainly intend on using my hunger strike support
calling card again, very soon too; both to call hunger
striker HQ and for other purposes related and in
support of the hunger strike and the hunger strikers
(*see below*).

This is my first calling card solely dedicated for this
purpose of course. I only wish I could have gotten
one much sooner than this.

Made my first call to the hunger strikers in Pasadena
today, prior to 3:00 PM their time and, just got off
the phone roughly two and a half hours ago after
speaking with Mickey and then Vince. Sorry I missed
talking with Romi. Maybe another time.

We had a good talk covering a few different subjects.
They each said that they are doing well.

Mickey says things have quieted down a bit, with not so
much activity at the moment, though certain media
related things appear to possibly be in play.

When Mickey asked me about if I knew someone who has
long been in the movement, without thinking, I
mistakenly made a phone analogy related to one of
Mickey's favorite food groups (which I will not
disclose here) concerning my mind and big problems with
my memory -- especially with remembering names of
people; though he quickly called me on it, he of course
did it with his usual graciousness and style that I
have seen reflected in his e-mails, postings and quotes
in the newspapers, etc.

So, be fore-warned, food analogies are not welcomed.
Sorry Mickey.

Vince says he been exercising quite a bit, which helps
him. He enjoys walking a lot, especially in the
evening. He also has neem trying to keep up with the
piles of e-mails, as they have been having plenty
pouring in at times, not to mention keeping up with the
message board; though neither of them were complaining
about it either.

They spoke about some of what they hoped will come of
their effort(s) both now and in the future and are very
appreciative of all the great support they have been
receiving so far from everyone. Great work everyone!!!

They hope we keep this going both now and also well
beyond the hunger strike.

They (the initial core hunger strikers and the
solidarity hunger strikers) are doing (and have done)
their part. We have to keep doing ours, over and over
and over; like so many out there have been doing so
far. However it is not over, even once the hunger
strike ends.

We are far from done. We can keep this going well
after the hunger strike. We must. We will, whether in
honor of the sacrifice the hunger strikers have been
making and/or because it is ours to do for our peers,
friends, allies and loved ones.

It is up to us now! All of us! Together, we can do this.

We will not be silenced any longer no matter who hangs
up on us or who will not listen.

We will have our voices heard and heeded, have our
needs met in a way of our choosing and our lives taken


In Support of the creation,
realization, exercizing and fulfillment
of social justice, human rights,
self-determination and freedom
in mental health,

Morgan W. Brown
Montpelier, Vermont, USA



If I recall correctly, Mickey basically stated that he
hoped people would call (however, keep it very civil
please) the American Psychiatric Association's Medical
Director James H. Scully, Jr., MD. Mickey also
mentioned something or someone else I think, but my
poor memory has misplaced down a hole somewhere.

For more information concerning what the hunger
strikers are asking of their supporters, allies and the
general public who are concerned and would like to
know what they can do, go to:

Link: News Update re: Hunger Strikers: Freedom in
Mental Health - 4 Sept. 20:

The Fast for Freedom in Mental Health commenced on
16 August 2003 in Pasadena, California, USA.



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(626) 795-5525

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