[Hpn] HANOI (Reuters News) - Homeless Boy Sold to Restaurant as Dog Meat - November 24, 2003

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Boy Sold to Restaurant as Dog Meat - November 24, 2003

HANOI (Reuters) - Vietnamese drug addicts kidnapped a mute
homeless teenager, bundled him in a sack and sold him to a
dog-meat eatery as a stray canine, state media said on Saturday.

The Gia Dinh Xa Hoi (Family and Society) newspaper said the
two addicts grabbed the homeless 13-year-old from a busy
market in Halong city.

Halong, around 90 miles from the capital, Hanoi, attracts
hordes of tourists to its spectacular bay and rock
formations, a United Nations heritage site.

The kidnappers tied up the boy, bundled him into a sack and
sold him to the restaurant for $19, the newspaper said.

The restaurateur, shocked to find the boy, fed him and
released him.

Police were investigating the case but had made no arrests,
said the newspaper, mouthpiece of the state Population,
Family and Children Committee.

Dog meat is a delicacy in parts of China and in some other
Asian countries such as Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos.
In Vietnam, eating specifically farmed breeds is believed to
bring health benefits and is seen as auspicious.

Early in November, Thai police rescued more than 800 dogs
from smugglers who were taking the animals to Vietnam to
sell for meat.

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