[Hpn] Austin, TX - Memorial service held for homeless (85 died this year) - News 8 Austin TV News - November 16, 2003

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Memorial service held for homeless

By: James Keith - News 8 Austin TV News - November 16, 2003

Austin, TX - An estimated 15 percent of Austin residents are
classified as homeless, living in cars or on the street.

Last year, 61 homeless men and women died on the streets of
Austin and so far this year, more than 85 have.

To remember the lives lost, every for the past 11 years House the
Homeless holds a sunrise memorial service on the shores of Town

Those who work with the homeless say the staggering numbers are a
sad reality that is growing everyday.

"It's up to us one on one to take responsibility wherever we can
to do something about that," homeless advocate Fred Butler

The small crowd of homeless people and advocates grieved for
those lost, and also addressed concerns for their own future.

"Everybody is not on drugs out here, some just give up on life,"
one person said.

Homeless people said the situation that led them to the streets
was usually beyond their control.

"I was raped, then robbed and lost my rent money that way," one

"Things just happened and I was homeless," another said.

The memorial service also served a message of hope.

"There's always hope. Don't ever give up looking for a place to
live, someone, no matter who it is, no matter what they look
like, will help you. There's always someone to give you a hand
up," homeless survivor Sandra Frazier said.

And nonprofits such as House the Homeless give people that
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Homeless memorial - James Keith looks at homelessness in Austin

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