[Hpn] PARIS, France - Homeless Gain Address on the Internet - Reuters News Service - Nov 14, 2003

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Homeless Gain Address on the Internet

By Yahoo News - Reuters News Service - Nov 14, 2003

PARIS - Homeless people in Paris, who frequently have
their possessions stolen, now have access to a secure
location where they can store their important documents
-- cyberspace.

Homelessness charity Emmaus said on Friday it had set
up its first Internet center in a day shelter in
central Paris.

The center's dozen volunteers will show homeless people
how to create email accounts and personal Web sites.

"We allow them to create their own site so that they
can store all their important documents in a virtual
house," said Emmaus spokeswoman Helene Thouluc.

"For people who live on the streets and who get their
things stolen all the time, this allows them to create
a protected space," she added.

The day shelter, which helps 500 homeless people a day,
has nine new PCs donated by software giant Microsoft

Emmaus plans to open four more Internet centers in the
Paris region in early 2004.

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