[Hpn] Is Tony Crazy? For Sure!

William Charles Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Tue, 18 Nov 2003 07:28:11 -0500

Tony Hearn,

Whether your a couple slices of bread short from a whole loaf of bread is
not the question here,no one on this earth can be your judge.

My prayers are for your safe travel, no matter where your nomadic feet carry

And when your through please write and inform us that do care what you have
seen and done.


A Brother In The Struggle

Hi, Folks

I thought I might send you a personal note while I am still connected to the
Internet which explains after a fashion what is taking place in my life. In
a sense, I am taking a bath. I may soon wash up only heaven knows where!

I am breaking up housekeeping in a rare act of complete abandon. You know,
of course, I am strange. I admit I am a character. Perhaps I've lost my
wits. For a number of weeks, I've thought I was just moving from my present
perch with what I've collected to some other undetermined geographic
destination. But, lo, the most recent revelation is that I'm to go forth,
like a Don Quixote, unfettered by private property, fully freed from the
bondage of ownership.

At this time, by the grace of the Divine, I am claiming the delicious
opportunity to clear just about every material thing out of my life. I am
ridding myself of all but essential clothes (to cover my nakedness: a true
act of kindness sparing others a full view of my aging ugliness) and a few
tools with which to write. Out is going the total mess: TVs, radios,
CD-players, computers, landline phones, furniture, pots, pans, dishes,
crystal goblets, silver - the sordid works! Only the essential Tony - packed
into one large suitcase and two small handbags - is surviving the purge. One
exempted item, though, is a cell phone - numbered (956) 324-0081 - with
which to reach out to touch and be sought by someone. The transition,
wouldn't you know, occurs right about Thanksgiving. God be praised!

I will be traveling lightly into future's fog, discerning my direction
solely from the defused brilliance of my radiant, benevolent God - mindful
of the constant assistance of my ever-present, caring, angelic guardian.
(Aside from bystanders: "Is he crazy?" "For sure!" the chorus replied.)

What a gift I - a spent and bent pilgrim - have received - the grace to
forsake things temporal to quest after the eternal. I embrace this adventure
in having nothing for the sheer joy of acquiring what is truly worth

Dear friend, please say a prayer, and kindly wish me well!
Soon I'll be a vagabond, passing up hill and down the dell!

God bless us all!

Tony Hearn