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Restaurants Carry on Tradition of Serving Families
and Local Communities at Thanksgiving

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WASHINGTON - U.S. Newswire/ -- National Restaurant
Association research reveals that for many Americans,
restaurants are an integral part of the Thanksgiving

More than one-third of Americans look to our nation's 870,000
restaurants to offer takeout options for entire or part of
holiday meals.

In addition, restaurants serve as the cornerstone of local
communities by sponsoring service programs that give back to the
less fortunate during the holidays.

"Restaurants serve more than just meals at Thanksgiving. In
addition to lending a helping hand in the kitchen by offering
quality holiday dishes, many restaurants across the country
organize Thanksgiving dinners or other events that benefit the
community," said Steven C. Anderson, the Association's president
and chief executive officer. "Many restaurants give back to
those who need it most, underscoring the restaurant industry as
the cornerstone of community involvement."

-- Dining at home...with little help --

Restaurants offer consumers nutritious, traditional Thanksgiving
dishes without the hours of planning and cooking in the kitchen,
not to mention clean up.

Thirty-four percent of Americans rely on food prepared away from
home for part or all of their Thanksgiving preparations by
ordering takeout items, according to Association research.

In addition, many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving,
providing families opportunities to spend more quality time with
family and friends. In fact, one out of 10 Americans celebrate
Thanksgiving at a restaurant.

Those living in smaller households or households without
children are more likely to dine out on Thanksgiving.

Males are more likely than females to eat at a restaurant on the
holiday. Generally, younger adults are more likely to use food
items prepared at a restaurant as part of their Thanksgiving
meal at home.

-- Giving back at Thanksgiving --

Nine out of 10 dining establishments are actively engaged in
some type of charitable activity and Thanksgiving provides
restaurants yet another chance to show their commitment to their
local neighborhood.

Two examples of countless dining establishments across the
country that come to the table with the spirit of Thanksgiving
are Restaurant: PROV and Mario's Seawall Restaurant.

PROV, operated by Stoli Management in Providence, Rhode Island
hosts 1,000 low-income individuals from the Providence area to
sit down to an abundant, traditional gourmet Thanksgiving

Restaurant: PROV opens its doors to six social-service agencies
for six hours for the annual celebration.

Another restaurant that underscores its commitment to its
community during the season is Mario's Seawall in Galveston,
Texas, which organizes a "Turkey Bash" each year.

The event, now in its 10th year, closes the restaurant on
Thanksgiving Day to feed nearly 2,000 of the city's homeless.
The Turkey Bash is a culmination of the restaurant's year-round
involvement with the local community.

Restaurant: PROV and Mario's Seawall are state winners in the
National Restaurant Association's Restaurant Neighbor Award, now
in its fifth year. The Association created the prestigious
annual award, along with the support of its founding partner
American Express, to spotlight restaurants that go above and
beyond in community service, demonstrating a selfless activism
to help those in need.

For more information on the award and to see the winners from
your state as well as the three national winners, please visit

A chart of the percentage of adults that use food items prepared
away from home as part of their Thanksgiving Day meal is
available on the Association's Web site,


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