[Hpn] Italian Television Co. is looking for Italian homeless person in New York City..

Laura Powers powerstripproductions@hotmail.com
Sat, 15 Nov 2003 04:07:18 +0000


I hope you are all well.

Powerstrip Productions is helping produce a show for Italian television 
following the life of an Italian homeless person for a few days in New York 
City. We would be sensitve to their situation and want to tell their storey. 
The person must speak Italian and it is a paid position ($80 dollars a day).

The Italian Television company  has  already produced a series on homeless 
people in Italy and it has been airing in Italy on a major network there.  
It is not a exploitive show. They do not want to sweep homelessness under 
the carpet and they are compassionate to a person's life storey.

I found this site on the internet and hope this is a proper channel to 
communicate to homeless people interested or people that might be able to 
help me locate an Italian homeless person in New York City.

We need to get a person fairly quickly so if anyone has any ideas on how to 
locate someone I would really appreciate it. I will  be putting up flyers in 
the New York City vacinity at Drop in centers, as well.

Thank you for the consideration and/or any assistance in the matter.

All my best,


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