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Dear John:

Your comments were interesting and informative.
Hopefully you shared them with the local news
folks too.

Thank you for sharing them with us.

H. C. [Sonny] Covington, Editor
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This piece of the puzzle has bee open for bid for the
past 14 years in Austin wit ha grant that was
introduced that long ago.  Yet it took a lot more
money to make it worth while.

The SRO dosen't't meet the formula of the city as it
is in the far southern region of Austin nearly 10
miles from the city managed labor hall.
the City chief executive HHS officer has repeatedly
refused to comment on this issue, but when asked why
the only shelter that will be city funded is on the
doorstep of all the major bars and nightclubs in town
she also refuses to respond.
All that she has responded to is that the homeless
need a one stop shop in the downtown region. I
continue to refute this statement as if that were true
there would be only one food store in the city, only
one carpenter ... one professional for a domain.  We
need as many shelters as there are community centers
and other places that can be converted into temporary
shelters for the homeless so that they can absorbed
into the communities that they desire to live and
function in.

Yet when their unsound methoud of operation collapses
they will blame the problem on the have nots.

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> Homeless get a permanent place to live
> The Garden Terrace Apartments for the homeless
> By: Amy Bowlin - Austin 8 TV News - November 04,
> 2003
> Austin, TX - There are about 35,000 homeless people
> in Austin.
> Two local organizations are working to change that.
> Allan Haskell is one of the first residents of the
> Garden Terrace
> apartments. The Capitol Area Homeless Alliance and
> Foundation
> Communities had a ribbon cutting at The Garden
> Terrace Apartments
> for the homeless on Tuesday. The complex is helping
> people get on
> their feet.
> Allan Haskell just moved into his new apartment.
> "There's a sink. There's a light over the sink. I
> have a little
> container here for my dishes. I have a gigantic
> trash can,"
> Haskell said.
> He's one of the first residents of Garden Terrace.
> "To have a setup like this, I got it made. Just like
> that, I got
> it made," Haskell said.
> The apartments are Austin's first permanent housing
> for the
> homeless.
> "People say give a man a fish or teach a man to
> fish. Actually, I
> think this is teaching a man to fish.
> You can't teach a man to fish if he's homeless
> because you can't
> get anything done when people are worried about
> their security
> and their health is going down the tubes," Helen
> Varty, with the
> Capitol Area Homeless Alliance, said.
> There are 85 apartments for homeless and low income
> adults, and
> on-site social services.
> "Permanent supportive housing gets results. If you
> look at the
> statistics, 88 percent of chronically homeless
> people are
> successful when they're in housing like Garden
> Terrace," former
> Mayor Kirk Watson said.
> "It's a means to a job. It's a means to decent
> health care, to
> decent nutrition. A means to move on," Varty said.
> Supporters of the complex hope others will see it
> not only as a
> sign of need, but as a milestone of progress.
> The Garden Terrace apartments provide permanent
> homes for the
> homeless.
> "I got it made. Maybe for someone else a house is
> the best idea
> for them, a big house. But for me this is the place
> to live. This
> is the place to live," Haskell said.
> The Capitol Area Homeless Alliance has already
> accepted almost 30
> people to live at Garden Terrace.
> Residents cannot have a criminal record, and they
> have to prove
> they can live peacefully with others.
> The project cost $4.5 million to complete.
> -------------------------------
> For more information go to The Capitol Area Homeless
> Alliance
> http://www.caha-austin.org/
> -------------------------------
> WATCH THE VIDEO - Homes for the homeless
> Austin 8 TV News source page:
> http://tinyurl.com/tvhx
>  THE HOMELESS NEWS     http://tinyurl.com/2yg2

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